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Your luxurious escape begins here…

The Cocoon Room Melbourne offers Melburnians a luxurious place to chill, digitally unplug and rest their busy minds. Mindfulness and meditation are concepts we now understand to be more relevant and needed given our technological landscape. But never before has there been such a dedicated and beautiful setting to practise in.

  • Sessions are in two parts
  • Pre-chill in The Luxe Lounge – sip on tea while unhooking with a mindfulness activity; catch up with a friend; or just be…
  • And then head to the Cocoon Room to sink into your own private Cocoon for a 20 min restorative audio-guided meditation.

Treat yourself to a five star trip to La La Land.

Even if you’ve never meditated before, you’ll find the audio-guided meditations simple to follow and super relaxing.

Smiling woman enjoying cup of tea
Woman colouring in on marble table

The Mindfulness


This is your time. A sacred space. No phone or social media. No kids. No insurmountable in-tray or deadlines. These glorious, uninterrupted, precious moments are yours and yours only.

As our Guest, spend the first portion of your session decompressing in the gorgeous Lounge – cosy up with a cup of tea and an interesting book; tinker with a mind game or puzzle; chill with a Word Search (inane but satisfying); channel your inner child and colour in; reflect on all the good in your life by journaling; catch up with a friend or colleague, or simply just be and soak in the tranquil surrounds of your luxury secret hideaway.

Power down, embrace being tech free, look inwards, and just for a short while, disconnect from the ‘hurry’.

The Cocoon Room


A soft bell will chime in The Lounge, signalling the transition to the Cocoon Room. There, you’ll nestle into your own Cocoon, equipped with a velour chaise-lounge, a lumbar support pillow, weighted blanket and sheer curtain surround for privacy. Pop on your headphones and choose how you want to rest from 3 options…

Audio Options

Option One


Put your busy mind on pause via the dulcet tones of Melbourne’s own Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher and Psychologist, Meg James. Think mindfulness meditation, but we promise, you won’t have to find your ‘inner-anything’. Simple, relatable meditations with a different focus each week. Suitable for everyone.

Option Two


Relax, doze off or meditate listening to our signature sound track. Perfect for experienced meditators or for those seeking a power snooze.

At the end, a brief and easy audio-guided stretch will gently bring you back, rested and ready for wherever your day takes you next.

Option Three


Transport yourself to another place via a nature-scape track. Imagine being dropped into a lush green forest, or lying at the shore of a beautiful beach. This is your time to lose yourself, be in the moment, meditate, decompress, nap – again, it’s up to you.

Man wearing headphones relaxing in cocoon

How you choose to relax is entirely up to you, meditate, rest or snooze.

There’s no right or wrong way…

All options finish with, a guided re-energising simple set of stretches to gently awaken and refresh.

Woman removing a red high heel

Emerge feeling lighter, yet more in control. Clarity is addictive, and it comes with some fabulous side effects.

How will I feel

As you step back into the outside world, you might notice a subtle, but powerful shift in your disposition. Perhaps previously stressful or annoying situations might bother you less. Or you might simply enjoy feeling lighter and more relaxed than usual.

Over time, and with regular practice, this renewed perspective can have you treading a significantly less stressful, more productive and happier path. But if you need research-backed proof to justify why you should take time out of your already jam-packed week, to do absolutely nothing, check out the vast list of health benefits…