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How often should I meditate and other questions.

Having time to just chill and be, can feel absolutely amazing and it’s actually really, really good for us. But our over-scheduled, over-complicated lives make us feel guilty for taking time out.

Here are a few reasons why you can justify to yourself that relaxation, meditation and mindfulness, is not just a lazy person’s sport. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked meditation and mindfulness questions, but if you have any others please don’t hesitate to make contact with us.

Stack of books on console tables

Power down, embrace being tech free, look inwards and just for a short while, disconnect from the ‘hurry’.

Can I talk in the Lounge?

Yes, please do! Chat with your friends or colleagues, or strike up a conversation with a complete stranger – but if they fresh-air you, assume they’re just wanting to chill.

Can I talk in the Cocoon Room?

No, that’s a sacred quiet space.

How can I fit it in, I’m too busy?

We totally get it. But we urge you to prioritise making some time for yourself to see what happens…

During a busy day, we’ll often think to ourselves, ‘I’ll just do one more thing, send one more email, make one more call, do one more deal…’. Pushing through and ‘doing more’ seems to be the most productive way to go, but taking a purposeful pause, resetting the mind via meditation, can actually increase your productivity. Another wonderful benefit, is that by pausing and refreshing your mindset, you will more than likely enjoy the tasks more, be more present and do them better.

What do I wear?

Our signature chaise-lounges were designed for maximum comfort, without the need to change out of your best suit. Come as you are, no Lycra required!

What’s the rundown?

A typical Cocoon Session goes like this: Device off – arrive – check in with our welcoming Host – pop your belongings away in a locker – head to The Lounge – grab a tea or sparkling water – choose something or nothing to do – sink into a couch and chill. ‘Ding, ding’ – proceed to the Cocoon Room – get snug in your own cocoon – listen to the audio guide or choose another channel, and let everything go – a gentle stretch and you’re on your way, feeling pretty darned amazing!

Can’t I meditate anytime or just use an app?

YES! And we hope you do. The mind is a muscle so the more you use it, the better. There are many mindfulness apps available so you can practise whenever and wherever you like. The more often, the better. Booking a weekly session with us ensures you commit to taking time for yourself. It also serves as a reminder to practice meditation regularly and integrate it into your life.

Think of us as your mind’s ‘personal trainer’. Sure you can train at home, but there’s something very powerful about being amongst like-minded people. Spending some time away from your usual environment, in our tranquil and beautiful sanctuary, evokes a ritualistic and very special type of experience.

It’s your weekly spoil, your time – and the guarantee of no distractions or interruptions alone is worth its weight in gold.

And can’t I meditate anywhere?

Meditating anywhere is possible, but not always practical. Having a dedicated space, where you can be away from your workplace or home environment is really special. And we’re sure you’ll relish the guarantee of having no interruptions, aka work colleagues, housemates, partners, children or pesky pets!

What if it’s not for me or I can’t do it properly?

Firstly, there’s no such thing as ‘correctly’ meditating or relaxing! Our research confirmed that many people who have tried meditation/mindfulness, found it difficult and ended up feeling deflated and more stressed out! Our sessions are curated to be relatable, easy and enjoyable.

But if, for whatever reason, you don’t enjoy your first visit, let your Host know and we’ll gladly issue a refund on the spot.

How will I feel afterwards?

At its conclusion, you’ll emerge feeling any number of benefits – increased clarity, calmer, more able to manage new challenges as they arise, creatively unblocked, less stressed, or just happier and lighter. If you emerge feeling groggy that’s ok too – learning to meditate, like anything, takes practise. In any case, you will have just rested the most important organ in your body – your mind.

I’d rather a real person take the session, why don’t you do that?

We chose the beautiful Meg James to deliver the audio content. This ensured our Guests always hear the same voice and have consistent guidance and teaching. And because we offer the convenience of many sessions over the course of a day … well we didn’t want to put anyone through that! But rest assured, a Host will be present in the Cocoon Room at all times, should you require assistance.

Is the audio content always the same?

Each week, the audio-guided meditation content focus changes.

What if I fall asleep?

Lucky you, a Nanna Nap may have been just what you needed. Your Host will gently rouse you if you need waking at the end of the session. The next time you come in, try softening the eyes instead of closing them and see if that works for you. When we sleep, our minds aren’t in the same state as when meditating/being mindful, so to fully benefit from the experience, try that next time.

Can I just nap instead in the Cocoon Room?

Power Nap, Nanna Nap, Sneaky Snooze – go for it. There’s a dedicated napping channel on your headset, with a calming and very gentle soundtrack.

Most sleep experts agree that napping for 10-20 minutes is best if a person’s goal is to wake up feeling refreshed and alert. There’s plenty of time within the Cocoon Room component of your session to nod off, and pre-chilling in the lounge beforehand really helps to get you snooze-ready.

Will I feel safe?

We have security cameras in and around the facility for your safety and peace of mind. A Host will be present in the Cocoon Room at all times and has access to the monitors and recordings.

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$38 / per 50 min session

Emerge feeling lighter, yet more in control – clearer and better able to manage the busyness of your world.