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From the Founder

2 APRIL 2020

I LOVE a spa treatment. I love every teeny tiny thing about it. I love that by booking in, you are are completely committed to carving out some ‘you-time’, no exceptions. I love the build up to the appointment, knowing that when I get there, I will be ‘non-contactus’. I love how the softly spoken therapist greet you warmly and the way they pad around in their soft shoes gently ushering their clients here and there.

I love how just moments ago on the street, I was merely a person, but as soon as I enter their doors, they’re there to nurture, protect and make me feel special. I love the spa-smells, the spa-tea, the spa-lighting, the spa-hand wash…everything (ironically, the actual treatment, I can take or leave!). Once inside the day spa walls, the outside world stops and I’m completely in that moment. For me, it’s all about the ceremony and the sensory experience.


Not having to be anywhere else, being stripped of commitment, just there in that moment and relishing the sensory experience.

Much of the inspiration for The Cocoon Room Melbourne was drawn from spa-moments. And including the Mindfulness Lounge as an equally important part of the experience to the meditation component, was crucial. I wanted Guests to have those treasured, blissful moments of decompression – being tech free and completely uncontactable, feeling super special, sipping tea, just being in that moment and having absolutely nowhere else to be for a short while. These moments set the tone beautifully in preparation for the Cocoon Room relaxation/meditation experience, allowing you to sink effortlessly into a deep state of relaxation.

The Cocoon Room Melbourne is a uniquely individual experience. For some it’s a stress management tool and for others, it’s a much needed spa-like escape from everything especially family and work. Some look to their session as a chance to meditate in peace, mindfully reconnect with their thoughts and reset. For some it’s simply an opportunity to digitally unplug, rest and reset.

When you’re feeling clearer, lighter and energised – you can pretty much deal with anything.

I hope it becomes your Happy Place.

Enjoy x